Preferred Lenders

While finding the perfect house is the most important part of house shopping, finding the right mortgage is a very close second.  Hammer Down Homes recommends you shop around for your mortgage and find the lender that fits your needs.  Below is a list of our "preferred lenders" and a way to contact each of them.  Please contact John or Cory if you have questions about the mortgage process.

Info about Janene

Janene Groft

First Merchants Bank

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A transplant to the area, Dan moved to Greater Lafayette after college, having grown up an Illinois native. Married for a year and a half now, Dan met the future Mrs. Komarchuk while attending college at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. They now live in West Lafayette with their dog, Rizzo. 

Dan finds enjoyment in his work as a mortgage loan officer for Horizon Bank. One of the youngest in the business, Dan uses social media as a platform to create awareness around the simplicity of mortgages under the handle 'Dan Does Mortgages.'

"My work as a mortgage loan officer allows me to meet all kinds of people in different aspects of their lives as they search for their next dream home or investment property. The mortgage process can seem stressful and overwhelming but it is my teams job to walk you through it and supply the money to you to be able to purchase or refinance one of the biggest transactions in your life."

When he isn't giving lending advice, you can find Dan travelling, hiking, and "being terrible at golf." As an active TCYP Member, Dan looks forward to meeting new people and learning about their careers and their lives.

Dan Komarchuk

Horizon Bank

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West Lafayette, IN 47906